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A map of accessible places in Constanta city

A project realised by ADAPTO - For Youth Equality Association and financed by "HEINEKEN Pentru Comunitati"

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This map is the result of the "A map of all accessible places of Constanta city" Project of ADAPTO - for Youth Equality Association and financed by "HEINEKEN Pentru Comunitati". The project aimes to create a map of the existing accessibilities in institutions, places and tourist areas in Constanta city. The map is available both in electronic version and in printed version, material useful for people with special needs, and not only the local community and the tourists.

The project "A map of all accessible places of Constanta city" continues on the direction of the previous projects of the association, namely promoting the concept of equal opportunities, aiming to provide a useful and complete tool for the community.

The ADAPTO members wish to encourage the active participation of all citizens in the community, create a favorable climate and provide appropriate tools for better inclusion of disadvantaged people.

The project conducted in the city of Constanta is financed by "HEINEKEN Pentru Comunitati" and co financed by the ADAPTO own resources.

The project involved people with and without disabilities. The management team had 2 disabled youths and other over 20 volunteers were involved. They had the task of visiting over 250 locations in the city, sent numerous faxes, e-mails and phone calls to collect data for about 600 units.

ADAPTO wishes to thank this way to all those who have offered their support for this project to become a reality, those who have been there the entire period of the project and those who supported our approach. Especially thank the volunteers Dan Alexandru Macovei, Cristian Pataki, Alexandra Aresmeriţoaei, Sorina Răducescu, Sebastian Alexandru Trăistaru and people were receptive and sensitive to the association's efforts and those involved, giving us help: Carutasu Mihaela , Andrei Seitan, Catalina Mihaela Ionita, employees and volunteers of the association Mare Nostrum.

You can read more at: www.adapto.ro

HEINEKEN and "CSR Nest" Association intend to implement "HEINEKEN for Communities" social responsibility program, as part of the global agenda of sustainability of HEINEKEN Group, "Brewing a Better Future". This approach of HEINEKEN about the sustainability is characterized by a long term integrated vision that covers all the areas of HEINEKEN activities and allows it to bring its positive contribution to society, environment and communities where it operates.

The general objective of "HEINEKEN for Communities" social responsibility program is to support the four local communities (Constanta, Craiova, Miercurea Ciuc and Targu Mures) where HEINEKEN is present with a factory in each city by being actively and responsible involved in community. HEINEKEN supports the local communities where it operates – which have complex and multiple needs – investing in relevant programs for them.

You can read more at: www.heineken-pentru-comunitati.ro